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The XHP Spring 3v3 League is a fast-paced and exciting co-ed,  non -checking hockey experience for all ages and skill levels.  Players will be challenged to put their crafty moves,  overall skills, and speed to work in half-ice games with the ultimate goal of building critical, quick decision-making skills! 

The 2020 Spring 3v3 League will begin late March and run through the end of June.  

The league will consist of three divisions.  Please take a close look at the following list to find the right division for your team or player.

  • Showcase - Open to 2019-2020 AAA/AA Players
  • Premier - Open to 2019-2020 AA/A Players
  • Elite - Open to 2019-2020 A/B Players

We will take full teams first. However, if there are any teams needing players to fill their rosters, we will accept individual player registrations and pool them together to finish off a team, or to form a whole additional team. Please find a spot on a team or form your own team yourself to guarantee a spot.  TEAM SPOTS WILL FILL FAST!


All games will be played on Saturdays & Sundays at The Bridgewater Sports Arena.  The ½-ice games will be divided by real boards and each game will have one official referee. 

  • Ten (10) League Games + Playoffs
  • 50 Minute Games:
    • Two (2) - 25 Minute Running Clock Halves -
    • 3 Min Warm-up & 3 min intermission.
  • No Checking
  • Certified Officials
  • Updated Weekly League Standings
    • Team Scores
    • Team Standings


Showcase AAA/AA | Premier AA/A | A/B Elite

  • U18 - Showcase | U18 Premier | U18 Elite
  • U16 - Showcase | U16 Premier | U16 Elite
  • Bantam - Showcase | Bantam Premier | Bantam Elite
  • PeeWee - Showcase | PeeWee Premier | PeeWee Elite
  • Squirt - Showcase | Squirt Premier | Squirt Elite
  • Mite - Showcase | Mite Premier | Mite Elite


  • Complete Team - $2750.00* (NOTE: $300.00 deposit due at time of registrationNon-Refundable Deposits.)
  • Individual player - $300.00 (registration will open March 1st, 2020. Visit here to be put on the waiting list. First come first serve.)

*The XHP Spring 3v3 League fee is included for those playing  on an XHP Selects Spring Tournament Team.  


XHP strongly encourages that you form your own Team and register it for the Spring 3v3 League vs. relying on the Individual Signup Process.  

You can register your team at the link below.

NOTE: If you are playing on an XHP Tournament Team this spring, then you will automatically be placed on its 3v3 roster.  You are allowed to play on a second 3v3 team (non XHP Tournament Team 3v3 roster) provided one of your two teams is an XHP Tournament Team 3v3.  There are no discounts for playing on two 3v3 teams. Goalies playing on two team must prioritize the XHP Tournament Team's 3v3 games.


XHP will collect Individual Registrant information on a waiting list, for possible placement on a Spring 3v3 team. By registering as an individual, this does not guarantee placement onto a team, but it does provide us with the appropriate information to help in doing so. If XHP is able to place your son or daughter on a 3v3 team, we will be sure to get in touch with you to complete the registration process.

NOTE: You do not need to register below if you will be playing on an XHP Tournament Team this spring. You will be automatically added to that XHP Tournament Team's 3v3 roster.



4/11/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
4/12/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
4/18/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
4/19/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
4/25/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
4/26/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
5/2/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
5/3/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
5/9/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
5/10/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
6/6/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
6/7/20 League Games Morning & Afternoon BSA
6/13/20 Playoffs Morning & Afternoon BSA
6/14/20 Playoffs Morning & Afternoon BSA

*Games at Rock Ice could be added.


  1. 3v3 is a "skills" based game, played in tight spaces at a fast pace. Players quickly improve their "skills" to adapt to this fast pace.
  2. Less space = less time = quicker decisions!
  3. 3v3 hockey increases puck handling; you get more "puck touches"; reacting to the quick transition from offense to defense and defense to offense, and no set positioning!
  4. Goalies are always in the play, face more shots and have more movement which helps conditioning, awareness, and positioning.
  5. Players who are not typical “goal scorers” get the offensive opportunity to handle the puck to build offensive confidence and success.
  6. Players used to playing offense get to play and appreciate the defensive side of the game while defensive players get to be more creative on the offensive side of the game.
  7. A great way to play some hockey in a fun, competitive environment.  But...  The single biggest benefit of 3v3 play:

"It is the most fun you will have playing hockey while working hard to improve your overall game!"


  1. Divisions and Placement - We are always striving to make each division as competitive and fair as we possibly can. Spending extra time talking with coaches and teams to make sure they are in the right spot.
  2. Referees and Safety – We look to hire good quality referees for all of our games to ensure your player's safety and a great experience while they are competing.
  3. Organization and Schedule - All games will be played on Saturdays or Sundays out of the Bridgewater Sports Arena or Rock Ice. No more traveling from rink to rink throughout NJ or having spring games on a weekday!
  4. Coach's Conduct - We do not tolerate any out of control behavior from any coaches, or parents. This includes excessive yelling, poor language, and disrespect toward referees, coaches or players.
  5. Positive Experience – Last our goal here at XHP Selects is working hard to make this a fun, enjoyable experience for all parents and players involved.