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On-Ice Agility Training

2018/2019 Agility Clinic Information

XHP Selects Agility Clinics caters exclusively to those players who have ambitions beyond the ordinary. The camp gives you a broad program of training that you can practice on your own. 

The focus will be on building individual technical skills such as skating, stick handling, body awareness in time and space, balance, coordination, timing, rhythm, and athleticism. Throughout the camp, we will utilize the "Gym on Ice" concept including trampoline, carousel, and parallel bars.

Please note, all sessions must be registered and paid for in advance. If you have not signed up online and pre-paid for a session, you will not be able to skate.

  • All payments must be made online in order to skate

  • Limited to 30 skaters per session

  • Playing equipment should be in order including sharpened skates

  • Filming of the Program is strictly prohibited

  • NOTE: These sessions are CO-ED

How does On Ice Agility Training (OIAT) work?

Hockey players that enroll in the OIAT program will develop on-ice accuracy and precision due to the refinement of their edge work and enhanced body movement control and dexterity.  Each training session entails incremental development of muscle memory through repetitious body movements that hone the player’s hockey skills.

All OIAT training takes place on the ice in a gymnasium-like setting often referred to as “gymnasium on ice.”   Training sessions always include skating and edgework.  Players will often be seen stick handling with more than one puck and shooting on small delicately stacked items.  OIAT instructors also utilize on-ice equipment such as springboards, parallel bars and an apparatus known as the carousel (unique to OIAT) to target and develop specific ice hockey skills to the furthest extent.    

Instructors tailor their lessons to build on skill acquisition through progression.  Thus players are encouraged to attend OIAT on a consistent basis.  
For maximum benefit, players should complete 100 hours of OIAT per year  (four hours minimum per week or 3-5, 20 hours).

All sports share certain movement and muscle memory skills.  Ice hockey may be the most skill intensive sport.  OIAT will give your player the advantage needed to compete and excel!

Why is it important to control time & space?

Hockey players that control time & space experience the game as happening at a slower speed allowing them to anticipate plays.  Consequently, they react faster than the other players and have more time to make better on-ice decisions. 

Why is agility important in sports?

For athletes, agility impacts the physical and mental aspects of their performance.  Physical agility is the ability to move and change one’s body position quickly and efficiently while under control.  Mental agility is the ability to anticipate and draw conclusions quickly in reaction to a stimulus. 

An agile hockey player:

  • exhibits stick handling finesse
  • has shooting and passing accuracy 
  • skates with exceptional speed and quickness
  • effortlessly shifting his or her body position to accommodate any       given situation
  • controls time & space during games
  • dominates the game

Physical and mental agility is an attainable skill set that hockey players can develop through On Ice Agility Training (OIAT).