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Spring Teams Program Q&A

What is the difference between XHP Selects Teams and XHP Selects Elite Teams?
XHP Selects Teams are primarily composed of AA, A, & B players. Some teams may have the odd AAA player on its roster.  You must attend an evaluation skate to be considered to play on one of these teams. All these team will play 10 games in the CJSHL and participate in three (3) tournaments.

XHP Selects Elite Teams are composed of only AAA players, and these teams will compete in some of the best spring and summer tournaments in the world. These teams are invite only, and every team could have a different program outline.

CLICK HERE for more information on XHP Selects Teams
CLICK HERE for more information on XHP Selects Elite Teams

What ages are Team Programs offered for?
The evaluation skates for our 2019 Spring Teams will be offered for Mite (2011 & younger), Squirt (2010/2009), PeeWee (2008/2007) Bantam (2006/2005), Midget 16U (2004/2003), & Midget 18U (2003/2001). Team levels are dependent on the skill level of the players' that are participatingTeams are co-ed and girls are welcome!

Can AAA players also play for XHP Selects Teams?
Yes, AAA players can play on XHP Selects Teams , but they will be placed on teams that are one year older, and on a first come, first serve basis.  AAA players will also have to sign up for an evaluation skate.  Sign up for the evaluation skate at YOUR BIRTH YEAR. If we DO NOT have enough space available for a AAA player, then you will be sent an email and refunded 100% of your fee prior to the first evaluation skate. If you do not receive an email before the first skate, then you are expected to come to the evaluation skates.

Must my child participate in an Evaluation Clinic Skate?
Yes. Players wishing to train and play on an XHP Selects Team Program must attend an Evaluation Skate. (Unless that Team Program is "invite only".) 

Where do I register for an Evaluation Clinic Skate?
To register for an Evaluation Skate CLICK HERE 

Do I need to pre-register for the Evaluation  Skate, or can I just show up the day of and register?
Yes. All players must pre-register online. Walk-ons will not be taken. We also need to cap the number of players at our evaluation skates, especially, at the goalie position. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate everyone, so please do not wait until the last minute to register for an evaluation skate.

What if my child can't make the Evaluation  Skate?
If a player can't make the Evaluation Skate because of a preexisting conflictplease email the program director prior to the first evaluation skate.

When can I register for an actual Team Program?
Registration for each Team Program will take place after the Evaluation Skates.
Should your child demonstrate the skill required to participate in that team program's level, you will be emailed a registration link within 24-48hrs after the Evaluation Skate has been conducted.

How many players will you take from these Evaluation Skates? And, how many teams will there be?
That depends on the talent level and number of players that come to our evaluation skates.  Our goal is to try to find a roster spot for everyone who wants to play. Also, please note our refund policy below.

What is the format for the Evaluation Skates?
The majority of the skate will be a controlled-scrimmage after a short warm-up and select drills. Depending on the age, there may be some cross-ice games as well.

Are there still openings or have the teams been picked?
There are ALWAYS openings at EVERY position and at EVERY age level. Please EMAIL the Program Director if you have any questions.

What is your refund policy?
Unfortunately, there are no refunds should your child miss the Evaluation Skate, or in the event, your child is not selected for a Team Program.