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XHP Selects Team Programs


The XHP Selects Spring/Summer Tournament Team Program is a unique offering that combines focused individual training with top-ranked tournament teams. It is recognized as one of the best spring/summer programs in the New Jersey area and has NHL, ECHL, NAHL, USPHL, and NCAA coaching.

XHP Selects offers two different Spring/Summer Tournament Team Programs to accommodate every level of player XHP Selects (AA, A, & B level players) and XHP Selects Elite (*AAA level player focus). 

Both programs will run from April 2020 through June 2020 with evaluations skates taking place in March of 2020 for the XHP Selects AA / A, &B Teams. The XHP Selects Elite teams are invite-only.

All XHP Selects AA / A, &B Teams will play in the XHP Spring 3v3 League starting in April 2020!

Girls are welcome as the program is Co-Ed!
(*AAA Players can play on AA/A & B Teams, but they will be placed on teams one year older, and on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

The evaluation skates do NOT conflict with tryouts for any Fall 2020/2021 teams.