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XHP Selects Team Programs


The XHP Selects Spring/Summer Tournament Team Program is a unique offering that combines focused individual training with top-ranked tournament teams. It is recognized as one of the best spring/summer programs in the New Jersey area and has NHL, ECHL, NAHL, USPHL, and NCAA coaching.

XHP SELECTS (AA / A, & B) Teams

XHP Selects offers two different Spring/Summer Tournament Team Programs to accommodate every level of player XHP Selects (AA, A, & B level players) and XHP Selects Elite (*AAA level players focus).  Each program's details can be found below.

Both programs will run from April 2020 through June 2020 with evaluations skates taking place in March of 2020 for the XHP Selects AA / A, &B Teams. The XHP Selects Elite teams are invite-only.

All XHP Selects AA / A, &B Teams will play in the XHP Spring 3v3 League starting in April 2020!

Girls are welcome as the program is Co-Ed!
(*AAA Players can play on these teams, but they will be placed on teams one year older, and on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

The evaluation skates do NOT conflict with tryouts for any Fall 2020/2021 teams.

2004 & 2005 XHP SELECTS
Elite TEAMS - 2019-2020

Evaluations Skates:

XHP Selects WSI 2019-2020 Teams

DECEMBER 26, 2019

$180.00 - Skaters
$90.00 Prior - Goalies